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Taking the Fear Out of Your Financial Planning with Ken Ouellette, CPM® (Ep.2)

Do you find it difficult to call a financial advisor for the first time when building your financial plan? 

You might be missing out on all the value a financial advisor can offer you.

In this episode, Ken Ouellette explains the process of the first initial meetings with him while revealing how his team works hard to help quantify your goals to help you build a successful financial plan.

Ken discusses: 

  • The process of the first initial call to the office –– a “fit process”
  • The purpose of the second “root canal” meeting
  • The valuable documentation to bring when meeting a financial advisor 
  • How he and his team put a plan in place to maximize your benefits 
  • How he handles clients with unrealistic goals 
  • And more!

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Opening the Door to A Life Well Lived with Ken Ouellette, CPM® (Ep 1)

Are you looking for ways to grow, preserve, and transfer your wealth?

Don’t risk a lifetime of work and savings in today’s current financial environment without a clear strategy in place. 

Welcome to A Life Well Lived: Grow, Preserve and Transfer Your Wealth with Ken Ouellette from Orca Wealth Management. 

In this inaugural episode, Ken teaches you the lessons his family never knew about money, income transfer, and preservation. He also talks about his own history, passions, and what fuels him every day to help others not be pained by their money.

Ken discusses: 

  • How his childhood helped him decide his future in the financial industry
  • The role of his team members in the office
  • How he acquires new clients and who is his ideal client
  • Reasons his financial philosophy is around timing
  • What his idea of success looks like and why it’s closely related to living our best life
  • And more!


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About Your Host:

For almost three decades, Ken Ouellette has helped clients address their financial concerns and develop sound strategies by focusing on each individual’s specific needs. With extensive experience throughout major shifts in the markets, Ken has dedicated his career to delivering the personalized investment planning services his clients deserve.