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Navigating The Medicare Maze With Chris Bracciale (Ep.16)

Are you thinking about signing up for Medicare or Medicaid insurance?

In this episode, Ken Ouellette speaks with Chris Bracciale, a Medicare insurance agent about Medicare insurance. Chris covers a variety of information, from emphasizing how important thinking about Medicare in advance is, to explaining the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, and the various plan options available.

Chris discusses: 

  • When people should start thinking about Medicare
  • The costs associated with Medicare
  • The difference in coverage between pre-Medicare insurance and Medicare
  • How likely it is to keep your doctor when you switch to Medicare insurance
  • Where to sign up for Medicare
  • The primary difference between Medicare and Medicaid
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Chris Bracciale is originally from Philadelphia and currently resides in Florida. Chris works in health insurance and life insurance, specifically with Medicare. Chris is well versed with The Affordable Care Act and helps individuals find the lowest available premiums.


Why Doesn’t My Financial Advisor Do That? (Ep.11)

Is your financial advisor doing all they can to keep you on the path of success?

There are six main areas that your financial advisor should be focusing on and providing to you, the client as part of their services.

In this episode of A Life Well Lived, Ken Ouellette explains the six different areas of financial advising in detail along with sharing stories and solutions.

Ken discusses: 

  • The importance of planning before retirement
  • How estate planning can go horribly wrong without proper advice
  • Why your financial advisor should be focusing on tax management
  • Education funding – gifting $100 on their birthday or contributing to a 529 plan?
  • And more

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Farming For Dividends (Ep.10)

Are you working the land of the market landscape and trying to find those dividend-paying companies?

When you invest in dividend-paying stocks, you’re essentially investing in companies committed to returning value to their shareholders. But not all dividends are created equal.

Listen in as Ken Ouellette explains how dividends work in good and bad markets and how you can successfully integrate a dividend approach into your portfolio.

Ken discusses: 

  • The basics of dividends
  • Three qualities that make a good dividend investor
  • What defines a good dividend stock
  • The types of dividend stocks
  • And more

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Taking the Fear Out of Creating a Financial Plan (Ep.3)

Signing up with a financial advisor can be intimidating and often is something many don’t do until a crisis occurs and they need financial guidance.

Don’t let it happen to you!

In this episode, Ken Ouellette, CPM® explains how the experience doesn’t have to be scary and why you should do it before a crisis occurs. He explains the experience clients have with Orca Wealth Management after they sign up with the company, and how the company works to ensure your retirement is robust and prosperous. 

Ken discusses: 

  • The client experience after signing up with Orca Wealth Management 
  • How Orca helps their clients build a retirement plan that is secure and actionable for you
  • How the envision plan works to ensure clients are in a comfortable financial area prior to retirement
  • What major life events your advisor needs to know about and why
  • The importance of open communication 
  • And more

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