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Navigating The Medicare Maze With Chris Bracciale (Ep.16)

Are you thinking about signing up for Medicare or Medicaid insurance?

In this episode, Ken Ouellette speaks with Chris Bracciale, a Medicare insurance agent about Medicare insurance. Chris covers a variety of information, from emphasizing how important thinking about Medicare in advance is, to explaining the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, and the various plan options available.

Chris discusses: 

  • When people should start thinking about Medicare
  • The costs associated with Medicare
  • The difference in coverage between pre-Medicare insurance and Medicare
  • How likely it is to keep your doctor when you switch to Medicare insurance
  • Where to sign up for Medicare
  • The primary difference between Medicare and Medicaid
  • And more

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Connect With Chris Bracciale:

About Our Guest:

Chris Bracciale is originally from Philadelphia and currently resides in Florida. Chris works in health insurance and life insurance, specifically with Medicare. Chris is well versed with The Affordable Care Act and helps individuals find the lowest available premiums.